Paul Emberson

Paul Emberson was one of the founders of Anthro-Tech organization and the most prominent anthroposophist there, known to the public mostly for the book entitled From Gondishapur to Silicon Valley . Like Persephone, he was staying half a year in Dornach, and half on the Isle of Mull, Scottland, where he aquired a very imposing castle . He is said to have cut all relations with the Goetheanum after they were using Internet inside the building. Paul Emberson was known as a great enemy of the Internet and mobile phones, which he never used. He left behind a research community, struggling to live in harmony with one another.

No Country for Old Men - Starring Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato


Rehabilitation of Elisabeth Vreede and Ita Wegman +++ Rejection of new terms for Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato

Author: Sebastian Jüngel The General Assembly of the Anthroposophical Society has rehabilitated on March 24th, 2018 Elizabeth Vreede and Ita Wegman – two of its founding council members. At the same time, the decision of dismissal from 1935 was cancelled. The General Assembly has made this decision for the rehabilitation of the two with great majority, three opposing votes and 17 abstentions. Before this, the life, activity and impulses for the Society of these decisive personalities were appreciated. Not confirmed in the same Assembly was the extension of the term for the two Council members Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato. Seven years ago, the life terms of Council members of the General Anthroposophical Society have been replaced with seven-year terms. This year, the reconfirmation of Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato was due – but the General Assembly in its majority did not go along: Paul Mackay received from 937 valid votes, 467 No votes, 408 Yes votes and 62 abstentions; Bodo v

Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato - validation for a new term

Text by Roland Tüscher, translated by me The leadership and the general secretaries of the General Anthroposophical Society have advised for the revalidation of Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato as members of the Coucil (Vorstand) and have communicated to the members the positive result of the deliberation. We learn nothing about the content of the discussions, about the fundaments of the result. (1) Communicating the result of the deliberation is linked to the proposal towards the members, from the Council, the leadership and general secretaries at the Goetheanum, “for a new term” of these two persons. It is inadequate, with an authoritarian tendency as well as arrogant, for the “most free Society in the world”, that the members are kept in dark regarding the essential motives, when the general secretaries completely hide the lack of unity regarding this continuation (2), when any justification is omitted, while the members are encouraged to have a certain voting behaviour. Thus we

Hans Hasler

Hans Hasler was an adviser and some kind of butler of Paul Mackay . He would make a lot of decisions from the shadow, always turning things the way Mackay wanted to. He was in charge of the treasury at the Goetheanum and was putting a lot of people out of their jobs at one point, with not so much as a thank you.

Georg Glöckler

Georg Glöckler is the "head emeritus" of the Section for Mathematics and Astronomy at the Goetheanum. On a specific occasion, I noticed he continualy refers to his more famous wife, Michaela Glöckler , head of the Medical Section. Even though the discussion was not at all about his personal family ties. Otherwise, being asked specific questions, he would avoid the answer, instead giving general advice such as: "One should always work" or "Be active!"

Elizabeth Wirsching

Norwegian lady Elizabeth Wirsching has been head of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum for many years. She was constantly flying teens around the world, who were not reading a word from Steiner, but wanted to see and organize things. Some of them she even hired, as they were spending quite a lot of money at that time. Unfortunately, the spiritual concepts were entirely absent for many of them.